We develop and support distributed systems using advanced algorithms and processing writing in Matlab, Lua/Torch, Python/Numpy, Julia and Erlang
Databases: Basho Riak, PostgreSQL.
Distributed storages: GlusterFS, XtreemFS, Riak CS, Amazon S3
We can build or integrate with Wireless Sensors, Wireless networks and custom hardware fresh out of lab


React JS based, React-Native, Android, iOS and Xamarin

Deployment and support

IT infrastructure orchestration, virtualisation and containers using Ansimble/Docker/Consul
Load-balancing and Load-testing.
Backups strategy development and deployment.
Continuous integration, monitoring and alerting.
Incident response and disaster recovery.

Big Data/Data Mining/Deep Learning

Using Spark, Riak TS, Keras, FLANN, DECAF, TensorFlow, GraphLab, NLTK.

Distributed Messaging and Message processing

Using AMQP (Rabbit MQ) and MQTT protocols



Media Den Ltd is a niche IT/Cloud consultancy company specialising in building distributed systems aimed for complex and non-standard systems integration environments for sensor data (Internet of Things), image and knowledge processing (applied Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning)

Our projects include building distributed cloud-based solutions for Big Data processing for:
Image Recognition and sense making of receipts taken on mobile phones and tablets
Medical Imaging to assist skin cancer diagnosis
Distributed system for processing data from LIDAR stations distributed across Europe.

We provide full stack software design, development, deployment, hosting and support with project documentation to fit customer requirements. We are interested in building a long term relationship and work with a customer to clarify requirements and deliver business-driven solution.

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